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The WILDFIGHTER Little Champs program is an all-inclusive program designed to teach young kids the art of boxing. We incorporate traditional training methods with fun, dynamic exercises to keep your child engaged and learning along the way. Our classes are designed for all different ages, gender, experience and levels of fitness. The coaches are trained to nurture and encourage the kids developments to keep them on track and motivated to improve. 


Our WILDFIGHTER little champs grading is a great way to keep the kids engaged and motivated to strive for improvements. Our grading days will be held once a month where the kids will be individually graded based on their current level. The grading markers will range from correct display of punching technique and foot work all the way through to sparring.


The white band is our intro band. Everyone starts off with a white band. This acknowledges that your kid has enrolled and has taken his or hers first steps on the WILDFIGHTER journey. 



To receive a yellow band you must be able to display the correct technique of the jab, cross, hooks, uppercuts and body punches both on the pads and heavy bags, You must also be able to display a correct guard, stance and basic footwork movement. 

Yellow band fitness assessment   1km run, 10 push ups, 25 sit ups, 1 minute plank



Display of correct technique of combination punching and pads and heavy bag, combing footwork and punching movement, Advanced footwork movement inc cutting of the ring, controlling distance, angles and defensive movements. 

Orange band fitness assessment 2 km run, 15 push ups, 35 sit ups, 90 sec plank



Display of advanced combination punching, power punching, Defensive skills inc catching, slipping and counter punching. 

Red band fitness assessment 3km run, 20 push ups, 40 sit ups, 2 min plank, 5 pull ups



The WILDFIGHTER band indicates that you are ready for partner work training. This is controlled sparring where the students will work with each other in landing and defending various punch combinations. 

Wildfighter band fitness assessment 4km run, 25 push ups, 50 sit ups, 2 min plank, 10 pull ups.



You must hold a black band to compete as an amateur boxer at WILDFIGHTER. If you hold this band you have shown correct defensive and offensive techniques and the fitness level to complete 3x3min rounds sparring 

Black Band fitness assessment 5km run, 30 push ups, 50 sit ups, 2 min plank, 10 pull ups.

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